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In this article Jack Tatar, a member of the 3iQ the Independent Advisory Committee, is quoted “I really believe that financial advisers should not be afraid of bitcoin being put into a portfolio,” said Jack Tatar, a cryptocurrency advisor, author and angel investor. “I think the approach that people should take is that if you become educated about it and understand the risks, then I would say get into it.”

“Tatar added that he believes between 5% and 10% of a portfolio should be allocated to alternative assets.”

“The fact that [bitcoin is] going on the futures exchange, this will now allow people to really take a look at how bitcoin performs,” Tatar said. “Ultimately it will strengthen the case for bitcoin as a new asset class. This is going to show people how robust and how sturdy this asset class is.”

The article also states that “Bitcoin can be used as a diversification tool, but the risks shouldn’t go unnoticed” and “Bitcoin is best treated as an alternative asset class, similar to real estate, private equity, derivatives or gold”