Source: ARK Disrupt Issue 128: June 12, 2018. By @bhavanaARK

Japanese internet player, GMO Internet, has become an active player in the blockchain technology space. Group Director Masatoshi Kumagai has focused the company on Bitcoin technology and its potential to create a borderless economic zone. GMO operates its own exchange and mining operation.  It also pays a portion of employee salaries in bitcoin.

Since it started mining operations last September, GMO has mined more than 900 bitcoin and 500 bitcoin cash and has launched a new mining rig, the GMO Miner B2, which tops Bitmain’s Antminer S9 in performance. Designed to optimize the mining process for bitcoin and bitcoin cash and powered by leading edge 7 nanometer chips, GMO Miner B2 has a hash rate of 24 Th/s, 50%+ higher than the market leading Antminer S9 rig, though it consumes 50% more power at 1950W per unit as well.

GMO’s new rig will introduce much-needed competition to the crypto mining space which now is heavily dependent on Chinese chip designers and operators. Also, it likely will accelerate Bitmain’s move from 16nm to the next process node as competitive intensity in the cryptocurrency mining equipment space elevates.

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