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Watch ARK’s explainer video on Fintech and the ongoing financial transformation. Learn why ARK believes Fintech could have a great and positive impact on our lives.



ARK believes the financial services industry is ripe for innovation. While we have seen advances such as ATMs in the 60’s, debit cards in the 70s, and online banking in the late 90s, financial services have yet to experience a fundamental transformation. In fact, in today’s increasingly digital world, financial services – one of the largest markets of the economy – remains mostly offline. 1

Fintech refers to the innovative technologies making financial services more efficient, personal, and secure. Here’s what is advancing Fintech forward…

1. Mobile Technology.

It not only connects our world and offers easy payments on the go… but it has the power to provide almost 3 billion unbanked people affordable access to financial services, helping to overcome poverty, reduce income disparity, and increase economic growth!

2. Big Data.

The rise of mobile devices has led to a massive increase in data – Allowing companies to better understand and assess their customers’ needs, and offer completely new and personalized services.

3. Machine Learning.

Machine learning algorithms allow companies to transform Big Data, this raw information, into instant risk assessments, decisions, and product customizations.

4. Blockchain.

Just like the Internet distributed information and made it widely accessible, blockchain technology is doing the same for value. It manages and secures trades, ownership, and trust while eliminating the middlemen.

So how could Fintech affect your life?

Well, say you want to start a business. You can now obtain a business loan without getting out of bed. In the future, through blockchain technology, your business idea could be managed using smart contracts, making agreements, distribution, partnerships, and production processes easier, more reliable, and secure.

Once your business is up and running, a simple scan of an eye or fingerprint could authenticate mobile payments in your store and from customers across the globe. After each purchase, the data you receive can be analyzed to help grow your business further!

And when not at work, but out with friends, splitting the bill becomes easy, due to already existing mobile payment solutions. After a long day, you can then effortlessly check your investment portfolio and automated retirement accounts, ensuring that you meet your financial goals.

ARK believes the financial transformation is here. Fintech has the potential to put people in control of their lives, empower them to make better financial decisions, and foster economic growth.

1. Source: ARK Investment Management LLC, Data Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2014 Annual Retail Trade Survey

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