Source: ARK Disrupt Issue 116: March 19, 2018. By @juliahARK 

Elections anywhere in the world could benefit from the ability to store records securely and immutably. Last week, Sierra Leone used Agora’s permissioned blockchain to conduct its election.

According to its white paper, Swiss-based Agora has developed an end-to-end verifiable voting solution for governments and institutions. Traditionally, elections have been slow, costly, and vulnerable to corruption that limits their ability to be free and fair. Blockchain-based elections should be tamper-proof and transparent to voters, third-party auditors, and the general public, eliminating the need for polling stations, paper ballots, and electronic voting machines.

Agora bolstered its permissioned blockchain with Bitcoin to provide decentralized immutability. According to the white paper, it used its own Cotena, a tamper-resistant logging mechanism built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, to guarantee the security of the data while minimizing data storage requirements and transaction costs.

Perhaps one day, thanks to blockchain technology, elections around the world will be secure, transparent, and convenient, fostering the cause of freedom.

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