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Steve Gleiser with Bitcoinchaser interviews 3iQ President & CEO, Fred Pye.

“Based out of Toronto, Canada, 3iQ is expected to launch its fund, geared towards accredited investors, within days.” wrote Gleiser “As bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies grow in acceptance and market cap, more institutional investors join the market through their own investment funds.”

“We caught up with Frederick Pye, the CEO of 3iQ to get his insights on cryptocurrency markets and how institutional investors are approaching the cryptocurrency revolution.”

“…bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin. Also, those 3 are in the top 5 of market cap and we believe have a great future.  We believe this provides a core holding for family offices and institutions dipping their toe in the water.” responded Pye “One of the most important characteristics in setting up a fund such as ours is the security and competence of the custodian.”