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The 3iQ Bitcoin Trust provides accredited investors exposure to bitcoin in Canadian or US Dollars.

The fund is established as a mutual fund trust and its main investment objectives are to provide unit holders core exposure to bitcoin, which has a low correlation to some traditional asset classes. The fund introduces accredited investors to bitcoin by providing a model for a secure and tax-efficient investment vehicle managed by a highly experienced team of registered investment professionals.


February 2020


All purchasers must qualify as “accredited investors” under applicable securities laws of the province or territory in which they are resident or be able to purchase such securities pursuant to other available exemptions from the prospectus requirements of such securities laws. Please visit for details on what qualifies you as an accredited investor.  3iQ Funds are available for purchase through your financial advisor through the independent dealer channel.

  1. Please consult with your financial advisor to determine your eligibility and to ensure that the 3iQ Bitcoin Trust meets your suitability and risk profile.
  2. Download and complete the subscription document.
  3. Submit signed and completed subscription document to your financial advisor and provide a copy to 3iQ Corp. by emailing a copy to:
  4. Your financial advisor may have to submit your order to their compliance team for an order approval for participation to a “private placement”
  5. Once approval is confirmed, your financial advisor will have to enter the purchase order through Fundserv.

Fund Documents

Offering Summary – Coming Soon

Forms & Applications

For dealers using standard processing channels:

3iQ Individual or Joint Subscription Agreement (Fillable PDF Form)
3iQ Entity Subscription Agreement (Fillable PDF Form)
3iQ Bulk Order Subscription Agreement (Fillable PDF Form)

For dealers using NBIN as an intermediary:
3iQ Individual or Joint Subscription Agreement | NBIN (Fillable PDF Form)

Core portfolio of 100% bitcoin

  • Uncorrelated to some traditional asset classes
  • Cost-efficient, convenient, and secure participation
  • Registered accounts eligible (TFSA/RRSP/RESP)
  • Tax efficient structure

Leading cryptoasset liquidity providers

  • Access to institutional level liquidity
  • Safe and secure confidential transactions
  • Experienced firms working with global counterparties

Uncompromised institutional level security

  • Regulated cryptoasset custodian¹
  • Dedicated vaults for bitcoin²

¹DFS Grants New Virtual Currency License to Xapo, Inc. Retrieved from:

²Segregated vault solutions for bitcoin. Retrieved from: